Embedded Rust Showcase

Awesome embedded projects by the Rust community!

Rusty mouse

by Roman Valls Guimera and Josh Johnson

A simple USB trackball written in Rust RTIC (Real-Time Interrupt-driven Concurrency) framework. The code can be reused for similar mouse-like Human Interaction Devices (HID). Works well on PC and Mac computers.


by Florian Jung

An open-source, open-hardware MIDI-USB-interface supporting up to 16 MIDI ports, more MIDI routing features to come. Firmware is written using the Rust RTIC framework.

Rusty clock

by TeXitoi

An alarm clock in pure bare metal embedded rust (no OS). It features pressure, temperature, humidity, monophonic alarm on a e-paper display. The 5 programmable alarms can ring one time (and never repeat) or every week day that you want (for example only Monday and Thursday).

e-Paper Conference Badge

by Wesley Moore

A tri-color e-Paper display on a battery powered Raspberry Pi Zero W controlled by a Rust program using the embedded-hal ecosystem on Linux. The badge serves content over HTTP and allows people to increment a hello counter on the display.


by TeXitoi

A hand wired ortholinear mechanical keyboard with a firmware in Rust. The case uses a parametric design allowing to create a grid keyboard of any size. The firmware allows you to customize each key as you wish: A layer change, a key combo or a regular key.


by theJPster

A simple 1980's home computer style application for the Tiva-C Launchpad


by Aleh Zasypkin

An experimental, accessible (no GUI) and fully open source (both in code and hardware) time tracker device. The board exposes pads for I²C and SPI interfaces, acts as an USB HID device when connected to USB port and hence can be used as a playground for any custom firmware.

Moon Lamp

by Ethan Frei

A smart lamp which displays the current phase of the moon.